Wheelchair Class Photo: Mother “Heartbroken” Over Son’s Placement in School Portrait

Wheelchair Class Photo

Wheelchair Class Photo

Wheelchair class photo: Mother “Heartbroken” Over Son’s Placement in School Portrait. The parents of a boy who has spinal muscular dystrophy were upset when a school photo shows him completely separated from his classmates.

The parents wanted the picture retaken and they got their wishes!

The company that took the photo did return and take a new one, with the boy sitting with his classmates.

The original photo shows 7-year-old Miles Ambridge sitting in his wheelchair several feet away from the rest of his second grade class in New Westminister, British Columbia.

‘Being picked on and being set aside is horrendous and this was what was happening,’ said Mrs Belanger, of New Westminster, British Columbia.

She said that being in a wheelchair comes with an additional set of challenges for Miles, who was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy at 13 months, a genetic disease that attacks nerve cells in the spinal cord.

Miles’ father Don Ambridge, who saw the photo first, was appalled and demanded that Herbert Spencer Elementary School ask the company to retake the picture.

The school have not yet commented on the class photo.

Belanger told the Toronto Star that discrimination was still a daily issue for people with disabilities and she wanted to shed light on the stigma surrounding it.

‘This was not a malicious act, I don’t think it was done on purpose. I just don’t think there was any rational thinking behind it,’ Belanger said.

Miles’ parents have decided not to show the picture to their son.

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One thought on “Wheelchair Class Photo: Mother “Heartbroken” Over Son’s Placement in School Portrait

  1. Colleen Roche

    THAT SCHOOL PRINCEPAL, TEACHER, THE PARENTS OF ALL THE CHILDREN IN THAT CLASS (AND IN THAT SCHOOL) AND THE PHOTOGRAPHER SHOULD SEND THAT CHILD AND HIS FAMILY TO DISNEY WORLD FLORIDA FOR AN ALL EXPENSES PAID TWO WEEK VACATION!!!!! (Why on earth should that child and family have been subjected to that kind of rude attitude or treatment? IT’S JUST INCONSIDERATE!!! The school better have taken another class picture and this time with the rest of the class (teacher included) sitting close to him at the end of the bench.)


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