Tim and Faith Divorce : Singer planning to Split From Tim McGraw

Tim and Faith Divorce

Tim and Faith Divorce

Tim and Faith Divorce : Singer to Split From Tim McGraw.  Country singing couple Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill are featured on the cover of the latest issue of the National Enquirer. On the cover, the tabloid claims that the formerly happy couple are going through a $135 million divorce!

The magazine reports that there were cheating allegations that are wrecking the couple’s sixteen-year marriage. In addition, McGraw has been raging that Hill treats him like a dog. Also, the tabloid states that there is some sexy young star who is coming between Hill and McGraw. Who could it be? Does anyone want to take any guesses?

Tim already got himself sober and cut out all of the friends that Faith perceived to be negative, including Kenny Chesney. She also keeps close tabs on her man and has absolute meltdowns whenever she hears that Tim has befriended any woman no matter how innocent the situation may be. She also truly believes that he had a fling with Taylor Swift and she sees the 23-year old as her biggest competition when it comes to keeping Tim’s attention.

Nothing he has said seems to have reassured Faith that he and Taylor are just good friends and it has seemed to have sparked a jealousy unlike any other in their relationship. Here’s the thing though, the more Faith insists that there’s something between her husband and Taylor, the further she ultimately ends up pushing him away. It’s at a critical point now where Tim is tired of feeling chained up and living life under Faith’s thumb. He is seriously contemplating cutting his losses and ending the marriage for good. Are you surprised to hear that these two are having issues? Do you think they’ll be able to work it all out? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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