Suzy Monty : A bikini body to rival women HALF her age – Photo

Suzy Monty

Suzy Monty

Suzy Monty : A bikini body to rival women HALF her age. Suzy Monty has revealed she’s still flaunting her bikini body for the camera and in fact is in more demand than ever – at the ripe old age of 62.

Despite modelling throughout her 20s and 30s before taking a break, the Truro, Cornwall native returned after a 20-year hiatus and now has more modelling work than ever before.

Suzy said: “I am doing a lot of fashion shoots at the moment and the odd light glamour one.
“I was published in Modelzview magazine last month and I am in the September issue of Shooters Photography magazine, and about to be published in Elegant fashion magazine.

“Awesome Magazine has also interviewed me and asked for pictures for a feature I’ve written on the so-called modelling jungle.”

But Suzy admitted there had been some trouble in securing modelling contracts.
“About six years ago one model agency I approached said that I didn’t have ‘the granny look’ for my age. They missed the whole point – a woman looking young for her age.

“Thankfully, I have since been taken on by another model agency which does realise my potential as a younger-looking model.”

She is no novice to the modelling business, having run an agency through her twenties and thirties that garnered national attention.

She unveiled that smiling was her secret to keeping a youthful appearance.
She said: “Radiate joy and people will smile back, making one’s day a happier experience.
“I honestly think people these days don’t smile enough. I smile at everyone, even animals.”

The path to her career started at ten years old when she won a fashion modelling competition.
To younger models looking to make their way in a “tough industry” she advised: “Modelling may look glamorous, but actually it is hard work if you want to get to the top of the profession.
“Personally, I’ve been very lucky to work with some great people in the modelling industry. Modelling is my passion.

“Keeping a level head has helped. Parts of the modelling industry can be a tad egotistical.
“My personal life is totally separate from my modelling one. My husband is my greatest fan and we are looking forward to celebrating our ruby wedding anniversary in September.”

Suzy also gives up her time for free to help support local and national charities. She has been involved in numerous charity calendar photo shoots in a bid to boost charity funding.

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