Prince Harry cold chamber : goes into a fridge to prepare for freezer

Prince Harry cold chamber

Prince Harry cold chamber

Prince Harry cold chamber : goes into a fridge to prepare for freezer. Britain’s Prince Harry is to be locked in a freezing cold chamber for 24 hours ahead of his challenge to reach the South Pole.

The royal will experience simulated blizzards and icy temperatures as he and his teammates test their equipment for the upcoming Walking With the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge in November (13).

A spokesperson says, “They will use cross trainers to simulate skiing. They will ski for two hours at a time before breaking for around 10 minutes. Then they will repeat this for 12 hours after which they will set camp for the night.”

In November, Harry will be part of the British team which will race against a team from the US and a combined Canadian and Australian team in a 208-mile trek from the 87 degrees latitude line to the South Pole.

The race is expected to take 21 days, and the Commonwealth team will include another celeb in the form of British actor Dominic West.

According to the The Telegraph, the cold chamber is “large enough to accommodate a large tank for military testing [and] has a snow machine and powerful fans that can generate wind speeds of 124mph.”

In March 2011, Harry joined the first three days of a walk to the North Pole but couldn’t participate in the whole expedition as it clashed with a rather important wedding he was obliged to attend.

He did, however, leap into a hole in the ice in his ski suit to prove he was up for it, and spoke at the time of how much he would like to join one of the trips in the future.

The high-profile expeditions, which have also included a failed attempt to scale Everest, raise the profile of the charity and funds for Walking With the Wounded’s work rehabilitating injured servicemen.

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