Nickolay Lamm Barbie Makeover : The real Barbie doll is just like you. Shorter and fatter

Nickolay Lamm Barbie makeover

Nickolay Lamm Barbie makeover

Nickolay Lamm Barbie Makeover : The real Barbie doll is just like you. Shorter and fatter. An artist in Pennsylvania has given Barbie a real-life makeover.

Nicolay Lamm has recreated the traditional blonde Barbie using the measurements of today’s average 19-year-old woman.

Lamm got those measurement from the Centers for Disease Control.

The project at first was just an experiment to see what the difference would be and to address the concerns that the current Barbie doll promotes an unhealthy body image among young girls.

But now, people are asking why Mattel isn’t using the same measurements.

Lamm’s Barbie has a much wider neck, shorter legs, a more realistic waist and a head that looks less like a lollipop.

The project was at first an experiment to see what the difference would be, but after the toy was created Lamm discovered that the average American 19-year-old female figure looks great in plastic toy form, so then why aren’t these measurements just used by Mattel?

“A lot of people say we shouldn’t criticise Barbie because she is a toy,” Lamm explained to us. “However, if there’s a small chance that it’s negatively affecting young girls, and if normal Barbie looks awesome, why not create normal Barbie?” Touché.

In fact, Lamm says he thinks, his version looks “even better than Barbie in its present form”.

His take on Barbs has a much wider neck, shorter legs, a waist that’s less years-of-corset-torture and a head that’s not so lollipop (although her stomach still looks like she’s putting in a good 500 crunches a day).

This isn’t Lamm’s first make-toys-less-crazy-looking project, another removed the makeup from the popular toys of today to see what they would look like fresh faced. The overall conclusion? They usually look better too (the Bratz doll is seriously Dame Edna in the ‘before’).

Speaking of real-life Barbie dolls, check this out – number eight made me snort out my sparkling feijoa in a fit of hilarity.

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9 thoughts on “Nickolay Lamm Barbie Makeover : The real Barbie doll is just like you. Shorter and fatter

  1. Superman

    I can see it now being referred as the “Lame Barbie doll”! Girls want the classy, model-type Barbie, not the “trashy, amateur porn star, famewhore with a kid out of wedlock” Barbie

  2. Ronaldo

    The manufactures of the Barbie doll have a right to make it look any way they want. Who says the doll is
    meant to represent a real woman. The two reporters are wrong about the Barbie being alot bigger in the
    decade of the fifties. The only difference is the clothing Barbie dressed up in. If children believe that
    the doll is suppose to be a real women then it falls on the parents responsibility to not buy it for them or
    hire reporters like you to explain this is not a real persons body dimension. Maybe the Barbie was
    made to look like this because they did not care to construct a real looking women but just a campy
    version of an hominoid anatomical person without really worrying about how attractive she should
    be, but society thrilled about Barbies’ glamour status has put her on a pedastal and turned her into
    a goddes like icon but it does not mean that she was meant to be that way in the beginning. The two
    reporters criticize her for being blonde is silly too because, again if brunettes or dark people do not
    like it then do not buy the doll, simple as that. Anyway, why should any brunette not buy the doll just
    because it does not have a similar appearance than the buyer. A child is content playing with any
    toy, it is not a big deal. If you do not like the Brand name of Barbie image then buy a different type of
    brand doll to suit your needs, but do not try to enforce your preferences or healthy ideals on every
    body. The imitation shorter Barbie is probably an average looking human woman but it does not
    average is always healthy, nor sexually desirable. If that is what the artist or any other critic says
    about the so called fatter Barbie, it is not a factual statement. Average means just that, so if a guy
    is considered good looking with above average muscularity, he would be admired and desired for
    his appearance alot more than an average looking man. There are handsome men, or good looking
    men and just average looking. Not every women can be an athlete because she is just average so
    does that mean I am not allowed to manufacture a doll of a woman that has the figure of track and
    field athlete or even a female doll that is fat like a sumo wrestler. The artist has the right to make
    an average looking human but with his own brand name and I have a right to make a fat woman wrestler, even though they
    are also unhealthy for being fat. It does not take a genius to see that Barbie is not a real looking
    human but rather a cartoonlike drawing of one. Even a real life skinny woman would have different
    symmetry and dimensions depending on her genetics makeup. You can have ten skinny women
    weighing 110 pounds and same height and yet their shape will be different. How are we going to
    please these ten women? Will there have to be a law made up of having mandatory manufacturing
    of dolls of every shape and size to please women of every shape and symmetry so none of them
    are offended? I believe most, women are not that insecure, shallow, silly or dumb.

  3. Hilary

    If people got off their lazy butts and did something, there would be no need for a barbie makeover. Parents let their children sit in the house all day on their butts watching tv or playing video games, stuffing their faces with junk food. Now it’s the toys fault because everyone got fat and instead of changing the lives of real people, we should just change the toy!? It doesn’t suprise me though, if a mom can file a suit against Mcdonalds because her kid got fat, then why not.

  4. alexander

    I’m not sure what world this guy is living in but that is not what the average 19 year old looks like at the university of michigan. just make her a bit shorter with red hair, everything else scaled the same way.

  5. Ligea Johnson

    I like/appreciate the research, but hate the portrayal. The newer model may damage girls’ confidence even more, if not inspire them to lose even more weight than today’s version of barbie. If girls look up to the original barbie as their goal weight, it gives them something to work towards [at least to stay in shape]; however Lamm’s version seems to give the incentive that girls/young women should accept obesity, if not a less tasteful body image. Lamm’s version opened my eyes and inspires me to lose weight because it disgusts me to point of losing my own appetite.

  6. Carlia

    This is so insulting!!!! I am 15 and i remmber as a little girl playing with all my barbies and bratz…….n this just is not the barbie people know. it like they are tryin to say that everybody today is fat. So what if barbie is skinny that just means she is healthy and works out LBS idk but this is crazy…..if kids look at barbie and try to be the size she is then there will be alot of obese little kids wlkin around just bcuz of 1 little change…………………………they shuld just rename barbie cuz this is NOT barbie!!!!!


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