NFL Bane Mask Ban : cracking down on non-standard face masks

NFL Bane Mask Ban

NFL Bane Mask Ban

NFL Bane Mask Ban : cracking down on non-standard face masks. Sorry Batman fans. Bane will not be coming to the NFL any time soon. According to league spokesman Brian McCarthy, the non-standard face masks that are starting to appear more and more around the league will not be allowed on the field without a medical exemption.

In an email to, McCarthy explained that masks like the one the Arizona Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett has been wearing in training camp are considered “a prohibited non-standard customized face mask” under current NFL rules, and therefore would not be allowed to be worn.

The league authorizes masks up to four horizontal bars and three vertical bars.

The New York Giants’ Just Tuck (pictured above) and the Baltimore Ravens’ Chris Canty have both received medical waivers for their non-standard face masks and will be allowed to continue to wear them. Tuck has had a neck injury and uses the mask to prevent opponents from being able to grab his helmet and wrench his neck. Canty suffered an eye injury in 2005 and uses the mask, and a visor, to cover his entire face and prevent a occurrence.

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