Naked Model on Train (Video)

Naked Model on Train

Naked Model on Train

Naked Model on Train. A brunette model decided to shed her clothes, only wearing glasses and shoes as she casually made her way onto the train on Dusseldorf, covered in only in words describing what fellow commuters might have expected her to be wearing.

The nudity was part of a project put together by Swiss artist Milo Moire, intending to “shake up the ordinary”, and we think the artist certainly managed that.

Milo Moire said the model walking around the train without clothes was meant to make people think outside the box on their commute.

He wrote on his website: “Radical nudity becomes the defence shield against the stereotypes and makes the artist invisble.”

And he went on to say that the timing of the early morning stunt meant ordinary performance art was out of the question.

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One thought on “Naked Model on Train (Video)

  1. Sam A. Soga

    Back to the dark ages…in this modern world. Is there anything that cannot happen again? Everything will pass away, anyway.


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