Missing student pilot’s body found but unusual details surface

Missing student pilot’s body found but unusual details surface, Authorities are working to find and notify the family of the missing student pilot whose body was found on Saturday, March 30 in Bradley County. Until then, WRCB-TV reports his name will be withheld from the public. But unusual details have recently surfaced that promise to draw even greater interest in other aspects of this terrible tragedy.

For instance, the student pilot who was taking flying lessons from a more experienced pilot when difficulties occurred, owned the plane in question. But only for a short time…….examiner.

Even more interestingly, is the fact that he had purchased the Zodiac 601 from the family of Clarence Andrews, an 82-year-old pilot who died himself in December 2012 during a plane crash.

And that plane crash was not far from the Collegedale Airport where this student pilot went missing after Andrews’ old plane allegedly took a nosedive during the students and his trainer’s recent flight.

The training instructor survived, remaining in the plane despite both men not wearing their seat belts during the exercise. But the student pilot plunged 2,500 feet to the ground instead, according to authorities.

Bradley County search teams scoured the area in search of the missing student pilot overnight, finally finding his body on Saturday at approximately 11:30 a.m. They have declined to name him or the training instructor at this time.

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