Matt Birk weight loss : Player loses 75 pounds, wants to model

Matt Birk weight loss

Matt Birk weight loss

Matt Birk weight loss : Player loses 75 pounds, wants to model. Former Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Matt Birk was one of the best centers in the National Football League. He appeared in every game for the Ravens from 2009 through 2012, helping the team win a Super Bowl title last February. After winning his first championship, Birk retired from the NFL. From there, he began losing weight like a mofo.

According to the Ravens official website, Birk is aiming to become the next Body By Visalus cover model. He has lost 75 pounds since he retired eight months ago, bringing him down to about 235 from his playing weight of 310. Fans who would like to see Birk on the cover of The Challenge Magazine 2014 can vote here. Body By Visalus, the company that runs the publication, has a mission of trying to end obesity.

“I don’t really think of myself as a model. Maybe a glove model,” Birk joked.

“I never thought I would pose for a picture with my shirt off. But I wanted to show people that it can be done and that we’re all in this together.”

After 15 years in the NFL, Birk says he knew it was time to change both his diet and his lifestyle.

“I wasn’t going to go to Chipotle and get two burrito bowls at 9:30 at night anymore,” Birk joked.

Birk discovered Visalus and appreciated the company’s community approach to weight loss. Case in point, if someone in the program loses 10 pounds, the company donates 30 nutrition shakes to obese or at-need kids.

“I really like to help people,” said Birk. “I really do think that we have a serious problem in this country and our culture when it comes to our diet. We have a totally wrong approach about how to lose weight.”

Birk started the program back in March and is already down to 235 pounds, and now he’s serious about becoming a model but he needs votes.

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