Longest female Legs

Longest female Legs, The world’s longest female legs belong to a high school basketball coach in Falls Church, Virginia.

The coach, Svetlana Pankratova, is also a former Russian women’s basketball player — a fitting career choice for a woman with more than four feet of legs…….inquisitr

The news that she has the world’s longest female legs probably isn’t surprising to Pankratova, who was always the tallest one in class when she was growing up.

Her height wasn’t easy to cope with, the assistant basketball coach says. She explained, “It wasn’t easy because kids do tease you. They tease whenever something is – I wouldn’t say not normal – but when something is different. So I would get teased a lot for being tall.”

It was also difficult for Pankratova to find pants that would fit. But it wasn’t until 2012 that she finally realized she may have the world’s longest legs. Her first realization happened in high school, though she admits, “I just never paid attention to my legs.”

A friend first brought up the possibility that she could have the world’s longest female legs. From there, it took six years of documentation before the suspicion was confirmed.

Svetlana Pankratova is already tall, standing at 6 feet 5 inches. But her legs take up more than two-thirds of her frame. The appendages measure in at 4 feet 4 inches. After six years of measurements and comparisons, Pankratova was notified she had the record for the world’s longest female legs.

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