Julie Bowen Reveals Girl Crush

Julie Bowen Reveals Girl Crush

Julie Bowen Reveals Girl Crush

Julie Bowen Reveals Girl Crush. Does Julie Bowen have a girl crush on her curvy ‘Modern Family’ co-star Sofia Vergara?

On the ABC comedy show, Julie’s character is jealous of Sofia’s fabulous body and good looks and in real life, sometimes life imitates art.

A new report says the blonde actress is envious of her brunette co-star’s natural grace and femininity, and admits she feels like a tomboy next to the super confident and seductive Latina star.

She explains it like a gilr crush: ”Sofia is just so comfortable with herself. She knows who she is and she has accepted it full.

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So how deep does Bowen’s love for the Colombian-born beauty go?

“I respect her so much, she is so comfortable being a woman. I’m more like pulling at my dress and feeling like my boobs shouldn’t be doing whatever they’re doing.”

And like everyone in Hollywood, Bowen has her own opinions on Kate Middleton’s pregnancy. Click on the video above to see what she says!

And just like that, we’re adding Bowen to the top of our list of Hollywood girl crushes!

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