FED-Up : John Terry dumps Bentley in traffic jam

John Terry traffic jam

John Terry traffic jam

FED-UP John Terry dumped his Bentley in a traffic jam — and phoned a mate to sit in the £175,000 supercar until the dual carriageway cleared.

The Chelsea skipper — famously lauded by fans as “Captain, Leader, Legend” — lost patience after being stuck three miles from his Surrey mansion.

He leapt out, hopped over the central reservation and started walking home while the pal raced to babysit the motor abandoned on the A3.

A witness told the paper: “We’d all sat there for hours. People had been getting out of cars and chatting. Then out jumped John Terry in his Chelsea training gear.

“He leapt over the barrier and b******d off — leaving his car. We were speechless.”

Terry’s car, a silver Bentley Continental GT, sat unattended for a while, and the witness added: “For all he knew the road could have opened five minutes later. His car would have been blocking everyone.”

Terry’s agent confirmed the incident: “The footballer’s agent said: “John needed to get home so he called a friend to come and sit in his car.

“Another friend kindly picked him up further down the road.”

Whatever the rights and wrongs of ditching your supercar in the middle of a traffic jam, we can’t fault The Sun’s headline for the event – “Captain, leader, legged it”.

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