Giant hornets china : Attacks Kill 28 in Southern Shaanxi

Giant hornets china

Giant hornets china

Giant hornets china : Attacks Kill 28 in Southern Shaanxi. Deadly hornets have killed 28 people in China following a string of recent attacks that have injured hundreds.

A mother and son have died in one attack, after being surrounded by a swarm of the insects, it has been reported.

A 68-year-old man died after a sudden gust of wind knocked over a hive, instigating another attack.

A manual worker was also stung after he accidentally poured soil onto a nest, he escaped further strings by sprinting into the home of a nearby farmer.

Chinese authorities are promising to help victims pay for medical treatment after it emerged that almost all of those left hospitalised where poor manual labourers on rice farms.

Eighteen of the total deaths happened in the city of Ankang, which has seen a further 212 people injured.

Japanese honey bees have figured out how to fight back, by cooking hornets. After surrounding a hornet in a spherical formation, Japanese honey bees engage their flight muscles, raising their collective temperature beyond what hornets can withstand.
European honey bees lack this skill. That’s why bee populations in France, where Chinese hornets arrived via a Chinese pottery shipment in 2005, have already taken a hit. Since then, Chinese hornets have spread at a pace of up to 100 km (62 miles) a year. Within the last three years, they’ve invaded Spain, Portugal and Belgium; soon they’ll arrive in Italy and the UK, says the European Environment Agency.
But the havoc climate change is wreaking on rural China are more immediate. Being stung feels “like a hot nail through my leg,” as one entomologist put it, and their venom can dissolve skin. They’re fast, too, flying up to 25 miles per hour (41 kilometers an hour). They’re also the largest hornets on the planet, reaching 5.5 centimeters (2.2 inches).

Here’s a chilling scene that Chen Changlin, an Ankang farmer, witnessed one evening a few days ago. As he harvested rice on evening, hornets swarmed a woman and child working nearby. When they reached Chen, they stung him for three minutes straight. Chen made it; the other two died. “The more you run, the more they want to chase you,” said another victim, whose kidneys were ravaged by the venom. When he was admitted to the hospital, his urine was the color of soy sauce.

That species hasn’t spread outside of Asia yet, though sightings in the US of giant Asian hornets have been cropping up of late. If the Asian hornet spreads in the US, it could be an even bigger threat than the Chinese hornet. They too thrive on killing honey bees. Not only are they five times bigger, but their huge jaws allow them to decapitate bees so quickly that one giant hornet can kill 40 bees a minute. A swarm of fewer than 30 can wipe out a 30,000-strong honeybee colony in just a few hours.

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