Gaga $1M GOP offer : Lady Gaga Refused To Be Bought By GOP

Gaga $1M GOP offer

Gaga $1M GOP offer

Gaga $1M GOP offer : Lady Gaga Refused To Be Bought By GOP. Pop superstar Lady Gaga rejected a $1 million offer to give presidential candidate Mitt Romney a big boost in the run-up to the election last year by performing at the Republican National Convention.

Court documents unveiled this week reveal the Poker Face hit-maker had been approached by organizers of the Republican Party’s pre-election gathering to hit the stage at the Tampa, Florida event, even though she’s one of the most outspoken gay rights advocates and a fan of Romney’s Democratic rival Barack Obama.

An email sent by AAN’s director of development, Pete Meachum, to an event production company reads, “See what it would take to get Gaga instead of [country music legend] Dolly [Parton],” and adds that the star should be told the booking would be an event “honoring women who run for public office.”

Meachum wanted Gaga to perform on Monday, August 27, the night of the first official day of the convention. He added in his email, as a way of making the offer more attractive to Gaga’s camp, “Also, tell them that $150,000 will go towards a domestic violence shelter.” Obviously, Gaga did not take them up on their offer.

In addition to Gaga, the document shows that that Dolly Parton and Pitbull were also approached about performing, but said no. In January, Gaga performed at the White House for Obama campaign staffers.

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9 thoughts on “Gaga $1M GOP offer : Lady Gaga Refused To Be Bought By GOP

  1. Shawn Emrey

    are you kidding me? Why is it that if the GOP offer money for someone to perform at their events it is being bought by the right but if they do it for the dems then it is okay? The left uses these alleged stars time and time again to phony their way into the young minds which are easy to brainwash. But the far left media is real good at twisting things to the lefts benefit as long as it makes the other side look bad. The worst of it all is this….how many of you are actually bought and paid for by the left and brainwashed into believing they are the ones that have all the answers for the country and yet…while they are screwing us we don’t get any money after being bought? hmmm….both sides are nothing more than manipulaters of the truth and are out to the ripoff anyone they can whether they are a dem or righty..they dont’ care..the current resident of the oval office is frankly worse than Clinton and others on the left and right could ever be..because he doesn’t give a crap one way or another if we catch him in a lie or not. He will do what he needs to promote “his” and his “friends” agenda’s.. simple as that. He now is going to agree to cut Social Security? Please..and you think he is actually trying to work with the left? No, all this is…is something to use in 2014 against the right so that he can take back “power” to both sides of congress, then he can’t bully everyone including his own party into pushing thru everything he has wanted to do. The same things that he has complained the constitution doesn’t allow him to do. But..of those out there that think he is some sort of God be careful what you ask for. If you think he and the other powers that be will remember you after the left takes complete power because you voted for him you will be fooled badly. Only those who are in the power group, including the George Soros’ type will benefit from his pushing thru his far left wing socialist policies. You know the ones where people like you and I aren’t smart enough to take care our own business so Uncle Barack will do it for us..whether we want him to or not. And of course there are those out there that believe that bullcrap from his lips even though there are tons of examples of where the government can’t take care of the little things…and you expect them to be able to take care of everyone? Just look at Europe..the same governments that Obama wants us to be like…no one special like this country has been but a weak nobody who tells their populations that they are stupid and give them handouts after handouts…then as we see now..once the government has ran themselves into debt because of the handouts and want to cut them off..the people who are used to being spoon fed by each of socialists groups don’t get their handouts like usual they go ballistic. You don’t think that will happen here? Think again. Wake doesn’t make a difference who is in power because the majority of our population has allowed the government to go uncheck for years and now they will pay for it hard because we have a President and his party who are bullying their way into getting what they want..whether it be by lying, cheating, or whatever…You think the gun freedoms are the only thing he is going after? Wake up! Why do you think that he wants drones over our own country? So that we can keep track of foreign armies on our soil? hmmm? had better watch what you say..oh yeah..remember how the left said Bush and the repubs were wanting to take our privacy and other freedoms away? Who do you think is doing what now?

    1. Gail

      How about the fact that Gaga does not support Rommney and did not let the money taint her decision to stand by her principals? She is an Obama supporter according to her and she is for Gay rights which Rommney is not. What is wrong with her doing what she thinks is right for her? Why is that a leftist move?

      1. Jim

        Money not tainting her… now that’s funny. I guess the public freak show this Madonna wannabe puts on has nothing to do with the pursuit of money… right?

        And Principals? Whilst the commoners may have “principles”, Lady Freakshow has “principals”… It’s like Gag-me has gathered up all the principals from public schools and force them to serve her/she/it…

        I guess English isn’t a strong suit for the “little monsters”.

  2. Michael Anderson

    This should embarrass the GOP no end, since that fame slut will do nearly anything (except be talented) for money and recognition.

  3. scott

    Anew found love for Lady Gaga , Dolly Parton and Pitbull. Maybe these piece of crud Congressmen Senators and POTUS can learn what Integrity is. Most of them are sellouts and the ones who stands up and complains is shutdown. Except of course for Bernie Sanders.

  4. elvis singleton

    Man, to think that name calling is “ok”, shows even the bullies never no when it’s enough, the Lady, Gaga didn’t buy into the GOP lies, most temporal earthmen find that what they think is another dumb blonde, is really a smart female, never down play any human for even as you have done unto them, the same will be done unto you, so think before you open your mouth and you’ll discover that people may see you as a person of intellect rather than “just another dumb human”.

  5. William Thomsen

    Lady Gaga represents the kind of white trash values that you see spewing from Jerry Springer and the rest of the Manhattan-Hollywood led media. It is a predictable train wreck of fools happening while you watch. She belongs with the Democrats. They own her. She’s on the old Democrat plantation that goes back historically to before the Civil War. Sara Palin was off the plantation which got the modern version of the blood hound, torch, white hood, and rope mob out to make an example of her for her audacity. America needs a political party that is not involved in this train wreck, a party that can help the casualties.

  6. AnoNimiti

    According to this, the GOP never made such an offer to begin with. Yet the story was scooped up and spread all over the net anyway.


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