Duct tape prom dress

Duct tape prom dress

Duct tape prom dress

Duct tape prom dress. Spring is the time of year when high school seniors dress up and look their best for prom. Here’s one high school senior who wore duct tape to her prom…. for a chance to win five thousand dollars. A contest by Duck Tape brand called “Stuck at Prom” encourages girls to wear duct tape instead of a traditional dress on the big night. The winner and her date each wins a five thousand dollar scholarship towards college.

“I had arms full of duct tape and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy,” she said.
With the support of their family, the two helped each other make clothes, which cost $250.
“He had to stand there like a mannequin,” she said, describing the process of creating Britt’s cheetah suit.

It was difficult putting everything together. The duct tape would stick together or get crinkled and then they’d have to start the section over again. Squires created a corset back in the dress with string made from tape. Her aunt sewed in a zipper. Even her high heels were taped to match.
Sixty hours later, the clothes were done. Once they tried them on, the designs weren’t as comfortable as they had imagined.

“It was very uncomfortable. It was hot, it was like a sauna suit. But it was fun; I believe it was worth it,” said Britts, a junior at Aynor high school.

Only Squires’ art teacher knew about the duct tape clothes. “All of my classmates were really surprised and all the teachers were really proud,” she said.

Despite her taste for fashion, Squires hopes to become a nurse after high school.
“I love fashion and I love creating stuff but medical field is where I’m likely going,” she said.

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