De’Antre Turman : Creekside High football player dies after being injured

De'Antre Turman

De’Antre Turman

De’Antre Turman : Creekside High football player dies after being injured. A 16-year-old football player who reportedly had received a scholarship to play at the University of Kentucky died after breaking his neck in what was described as a routine tackle during a scrimmage game.

De’Antre Turman, of Creekside High School in Union City, Ga., was playing in a scrimmage game on Friday when he tackled another player. Onlookers said immediately after the tackle Turman went limp. Two paramedics on the field immediately responded, but Turman reportedly wasn’t breathing.

Although an ambulance was immediately called, it did not arrive for 15 minutes according to bystanders.

“Time was just fading,” said Glenn Ford, who coached Turman at previous football camps and was on the sidelines during the game. “It was just fading away to the point where we were just waiting and it just took a while for somebody to get there.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Turman — nicknamed “Tre Tre” — had already been offered a scholarship to the University of Kentucky.

“His goal was to play pro football,” Turman’s former coach George Purvis told WXIA-TV. “And he was one of the special ones that had a good chance to do it.”

A vigil was scheduled in the teen’s honor Sunday evening at a Fairburn recreation center, and his friends said they’d remember him as a dedicated student and a talented athlete.

“He lived by football, family, friends, and God,” one of Turman’s friends, Jamari Benning, told the newspaper. “That’s all Tre Tre was thinking about. He always had a goal to always be great. He was never stingy, selfish; he was just a good person and a role model. He never had any doubt in God. He always kept his faith.”

Another friend of Turman’s said he couldn’t be upset with the circumstances surrounding the teen’s death because he died doing something he loved.

“God has a plan for us and the rest of the family,” Demarcus Morgan told the newspaper. “Maybe this is just what we need to bring us closer as a family.”

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