CVS racist slur : ‘Ching Chong’ Receipt Sparks Lawsuit

CVS racist slur

CVS racist slur

CVS racist slur : ‘Ching Chong’ Receipt Sparks Lawsuit. Just a quick reminder to all service workers: When you make a terrible name for one of your customers in the system, print out a receipt with said name, and hand the receipt to a customer, the customer WILL notice. You’re not being sneaky. You won’t punch out at the end of the day with a smirk on your face and tell your friends about the fun little prank you pulled at work over a beer later. Or maybe you will, but eventually, you will get caught. Because there’s proof of your asshole-y-ness on the receipt, dipshit. In this case, the dipshit in question was a CVS employee who printed out a receipt for Hyun Lee, a New Jersey resident of Korean descent. She was picking up her photos from a local CVS and noticed that her name on the receipt, instead of appearing as “LEE, HYUN,” read, “LEE, CHING CHONG.”

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Her lawyer Susan Chana Lask told reporters, “‘Ching Chong’ is a very pejorative, racial slur meant for Asians. That is not her name.” Yeah, didn’t anyone learn anything after Rosie O’Donnell reduced the Chinese people to “ching chong ching chong” on The View?

CVS says, “CVS/Pharmacy is committed to treating all of our customers with dignity and respect and we have a firm non-discrimination policy. We take this matter very seriously as the allegations in the complaint describe behavior that is unacceptable and not in keeping with our values or our policies. We are looking into this matter but cannot comment further due to the pending litigation.”

CVS racist slur

CVS racist slur

CVS racist slur1

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