Brian williams net worth $30 million

Brian williams net worth $30 million

Brian williams net worth $30 million

Brian williams net worth $30 million. Brian Williams is one of the most trusted news anchors in American television and has a net worth of $40 million. Also he is the managing Editor of Nightly News. He started as an intern in white house then proceeded to working for the National Association of Broadcasters.

He began broadcasting at KOAM TV in 1981 and after a short time he took over at WTTG TV as a assignment reporter. In 1993 he joined NBC News which has made him big in his role today and then proceeded to become the Chief White House the following year.

His career became more powerful when he became NBC’s Nightly News main presenter in 2004. His salary increased from $8 million per year to $10 million per year by 2006. He makes some appearances On the Daily show with co-host Jon Stewart and also appears on NBC’s comedy called 30 Rock. Williams has received several awards such as twelve Emmy Awards and eleven Edward Murrow Awards

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