Brian williams : recognized for giving back to the community

Brian williams

Brian williams

Brian williams : recognized for giving back to the community. The owner of Richmond-based Ashton Service Group has been named 2013 Ambassador of the Year by the Nexstar Network.

Brian Williams received the award Oct. 4 at the Nexstar Network Super Meeting in Indianapolis, Ind.

“Brian is a truly inspirational leader,” said Lisa Schardt, Nexstar business enhancement coach.

“He is not just a loving husband, a devoted father, and a skilled businessman, but he gives back to his community with his whole heart and inspires others to join him in that endeavour.”

Nexstar Network, founded 21 years ago, is a member-owned organization dedicated to improving the plumbing industry through education and sharing.

Earlier this year, Williams received recognition for his dedication to the community with a Milan Ilich Award for Leadership at the Volunteers are Stars Awards.

Williams is leading a community effort to build a new home for the family of Emily de Boer, a young Steveston girl who became a paraplegic in 2011. Williams is aiming to complete the accessible home by Christmas.

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