Bono and the Edge own the Clarence Hotel in Dublin

Bono and the Edge own the Clarence Hotel in Dublin, When U2’s front man Bono isn’t traveling through Africa with Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill, he can often be found hanging out in his Dublin hotel, The Clarence.

Bono and band mate The Edge purchased the hotel in 1992 and restored the Victorian-era building. The building had special significance for the Irish rockers; it was near a studio where the band recorded many of their albums. While the refurbishment cost millions of pounds, they could certainly afford it…….citycentrehotels.

The band is estimated to have earned more than $1.1 billion in its 25-year history. U2 was the biggest live act in the United States last year, bringing the band $148 million (that’s not including sales of their Grammy-winning album).

A part of the Dublin scene since 1852, The Clarence Hotel was purchased in 1992 by two members of the rock group U2, Bono and The Edge. They took on the task of restoring The Clarence, creating their own vision of the ideal place to stay.

Its design merges the traditional and the contemporary to create an environment with its own unique and welcoming personality. Arts and crafts style frames the basis of the interior with a subtle palette of the finest natural materials: Portland stone, American white oak, Italian limestone, leather and velvet.

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