Anderson cooper is heir to the vanderbilt family

Anderson cooper is heir to the vanderbilt family

Anderson cooper is heir to the vanderbilt family

Anderson cooper is heir to the vanderbilt family. Anderson Cooper is an American television personality, journalist, and author, with an estimated net worth of $100 million dollars and annual salary of $11 million. Cooper hosts the CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360. Cooper is the son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, and the great-great-great-grandson to Cornelius Vanderbilt of the Vanderbilt shipping and railroad fortune. Cooper modeled with Ford Models for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Macy’s from age 10 to 13. Cooper went to Yale University where he studied Political Science and International Relations. During college Cooper spent his summers as an intern at the CIA.

Cooper’s younger life has been marred by the death of his father in 1978, and the suicide of his older brother in 1988, which spurred his interest in Journalism. After Cooper graduated from Yale University, Cooper lived in Vietnam for a year, studying the Vietnamese language at the University of Hanoi. Cooper worked as a fact checker for the news agency Channel One, and was able to sell his home-made news segments to Channel One. Cooper began filming reports of Vietnamese life and culture, and eventually stories he filmed about Bosnia, Somalia, and Rwanda that aired on Channel One. Cooper became a correspondent for ABC News in 1995, and becoming co-anchor on ABC News World News Now program on September 21, 1999. In 2000 Cooper decided he needed a change from the hectic news schedule and became host of The Mole for two seasons before returning to broadcasting. In 2001 Cooper joined CNN, anchoring alongside Paula Zahn on American Morning, and in 2002 he became CNN’s weekend prime-time anchor. Cooper became anchor of his show Anderson Cooper 360 in 2003. Cooper began hosting duties in 2007 for CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute, a show recognizing extraordinary deeds by ordinary people.

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