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Our group is interested in using various nanomaterials as building blocks for constructing novel functional structures, either through chemical synthesis or self-assembly. We focus on developing strategies which will allow precise control over the property and functionality of the produced structures.

Latest News

We are searching for postdoctoral researchers on the synthesis and assembly of nanomaterais. Please visit the “positions” section for details.
2020.10.26 [New position] We are inviting researchers at all levels. Please visit the “positions” section for details.
2020.09.29 [Publication] Binbin's and Li Xin's manuscript titled "MnCO3 on Graphene Porous Framework via Diffusion-Driven Layer-by-Layer Assembly for High-Performance Pseudocapacitor" has been accepted in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Congratulations!
2020.10.15 [Departure] Li Chuang enters PhD program of Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute. We wish him the best on his next journey!
2020.08.15 [Graduation] Li Chuang graduates masters program. Congratulations!
2020.08.08 [Publication] Li Chuang's manuscript titled "Adjusting Channel Size within PVA-Based Hydrogels via Ice Templating for Enhanced Solar Steam Generation" has been accepted in ACS Applied Energy Materials. Congratulations!
2020.07.03 [Tenure] Franklin is granted tenure. We thank ShanghaiTech University for their strong support.

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