郭硕 课题组介绍


Principal Investigator

郭硕 Shuo Guo,博士生导师,研究员,Assistant Professor

电子邮件 Email:guoshuo at shanghaitech.edu.cn

2003-2007 B.S. Wuhan University

2007-2013 Ph.D. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
2014-2018 Postdoc, ?cole Normale Supérieure Paris, University of Minnesota

2019-now  Assistant Professor, Shanghaitech University

项目和基金 Funding: NSFC 面上项目2021-2024Shanghai Pujiang Program 2019-2021, Young Oriental Scholar 2019-2022

教学 Teaching: General Physics (Mechanics and Thermodynamics), 软物质物理 Soft Matter Physics, Physical Biology of The Cell


Research Interests


1. 活性物质如鸟群、鱼群和昆虫等,展现出奇特的集体运动行为。微观尺度上,磁性或催化胶体粒子、细菌和微纳米机器人等,在液体中通过外场或者自身驱动进行活性布朗运动。当密度足够高的时候,活性物质在样品腔中形成定向运动;同时,活性物质整体的力学性质,例如溶液粘性也会随之变化,出现“超流”和“湍流”现象,这些涌现现象与活性物质-界面相互作用有关。课题组关注活性粒子在界面的奇特运动规律,结合微流控系统和高速摄像机,观察活性粒子非常接近界面时的运动规律。同时通过光学镊子和原子力显微镜直接测量推进力变化,理解活性物质涌现现象的微观机制;2. 浸润和表面催化反应对活性物质运动的影响:通过原子力显微镜和光镊研究活性物质在界面处跨越不同时间和空间尺度的动力学,探索基于界面反应动力学的新型活性物质。3. 活性粒子运动的统计物理规律:通过高速成像,追踪单个活性粒子的运动轨迹,统计其随机运动规律,探索力、光、电等能量势场下活性物质的统计力学规律。

Active Soft Matter: 

1. Statistical physics of active particles such as swimming bacteria and Janus partiles. By directly observing trajectories of a single active particle and analyzing the statistics of their random motion, we explore the statistical physics of active matter under influence of force, heat, light and electric potential; 2. How spatial confinement affect motions of microswimmers? We study the locomotion of a bacterium by its flagellum using a combinational tool of optical tweezer and  high speed video microscopy ; 3. How interface and wetting affect the collective motion of active matter? To tackle this question, we use atomic force microscopy (AFM) and optical tweezer to study the dynamics of active matter at interfaces on multiple scales in time and space.


Postdoc and Graduate Student Positions are available



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Group Members


Statistical physics of active matter


Statistical physics of active matter


 Bacterial locomotion


 Active matter at liquid-air interfaces


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