Amazon Fire TV Cube blends new with old


It will also read out responses to Alexa staples like questions about the weather and can be used to control smart home devices - light fixtures and video cameras, among other appliances - that are created to play nice with Alexa.

The Fire TV Cube is available for preorder today starting at $119 ($89 for Prime Members on June 7 and 8 only) and comes bundled with an ethernet adapter and an IR extender cable. If you're a Prime customer who pre-orders the device on today or tomorrow, Amazon is offering a $30 savings, bringing the price down to $90. Plus, for a limited time, customers can pre-order Fire TV Cube and Amazon Cloud Cam together for $199.98 - a $40 savings. This means that it's possible to ask Alexa on the Cube to "tune to CBS", prompting it to send commands to the cable box and switch to that channel.

Fire Cube TV uses remote control-style infrared signals and an HDMI physical connection to navigate among set-top boxes, sound bars and the TV itself.

Amazon adds that Alexa is "always getting smarter" so it's bound to be able to do more in time.

Amazon has finally gone official with a product that we've seen teased for quite a while. So just like Amazon Echo devices, it offers hands-free access to Alexa and you get all of the features that are now offered by the Amazon Fire TV boxes and dongles. With Sonos just announcing a soundbar with integrated Alexa, the Fire TV Cube looks like a way to make your existing setup better connected and all for an impressive price. While pre-orders don't seem to be live just yet, they should be available shortly over at Amazon. It sports eight far-field microphones and puts Alexa in command of your home entertainment center. The Amazon Fire TV Cube sits at the top end of this scale and we'd pitch the Fire TV Cube at around £120 in the UK.

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Nvidia's Shield also offers hands-free streaming using Google's digital assistant. Enjoy hands-free voice control-search, play, pause, fast forward, and more.

'And, it's just the beginning.

Amazon is placing Alexa at the center of the living room with a new video streaming box that aims to replace remotes with voice commands.

However, many have pointed out that users might want to keep their remote a little while longer.