Sickening ‘Active Shooter’ game outrages Parkland high school parents


If your PC meets the minimum requirements, and you have a few dollars, you too can be a school shooter - in pixelated form.

The game - titled "Active Shooter" and slated for a June 6 release - is branded as a "SWAT simulator" that lets players choose between being an active shooter terrorizing a school or the SWAT team responding to the shooting.

Ten people were killed in a school shooting in Texas on May 18 by a heavily armed 17-year-old classmate. "Schools, churches, movie theater, and even nightclubs have all been victimized by such tragedy and now to allow young minds to be filled with the corruption of how to carry out an active shooter situation is inhumane".

Others are too, including parents of Parkland victims. "Keeping our kids safe is a real issue affecting our communities and is in no way a 'game'".

Jason Pace, Executive Director of UW Bothell's Digital Future Lab, discussed the role of violent games on society, "We look at video games as one snapshot in our culture". Russia-based game publishing house Acid is behind the game.

After a recent investigation of Active Shooter, however, Valve finally took action and removed it, along with every other game its creator had published on Steam. It also has a disclaimer on a preview for the game, saying its content is not recommended for children. "Any company that develops a game like this in wake of such a horrific tragedy should be ashamed of itself".

"We have incredible, heinous violence as a game, two hours a day in front of their eyes".

"You need to know what your kids are doing online, no matter how old they are or if they are on their computer or video game consoles, or on the phone", said Murphy.

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"The only reason that you would release a game like that where you are the shooter is for press, free publicity and shock value", said David Yordan, co-owner of Game Trader in Tucson.

"A awful idea", South Portland school resource officer, Al Giusto, told NEWS CENTER Maine about the game.

An upcoming game on Steam is facing public condemnation for letting players carry out a school shooting.

Parents everywhere are outraged over a forthcoming video game.

"Ata is my good friend, but past games I've created are mine".

Jasvir Jacobs, a gamer we spoke with who plays games similar in style to Active Shooter, believes there is no connection to violent games and real life violence.

But Markey said research initially focused on the effects on behavior immediately after playing games, showing some links between spikes in aggression. "It's just gross watching it", said Murphy.

Its subject matter, however, drew enormous controversy, because the game functions as a school shooting simulator.