Irish Voters to Decide Whether to Change Abortion Law


Former IFA president and Meath farmer Eddie Downey said: "This is a very hard and emotive subject for the whole country and we are about to take a major step forward in caring for our women, and in dealing with a very hard situation".

If a majority of voters vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment, it will be removed from the Constitution.

The complete ban on abortion was lifted in 2013, but it is now only permitted when the life of the mother is at risk.

A small number of those returning said they were planning to vote no, in the hope of retaining a controversial law protecting "the right to life of the unborn", sealed by referendum in 1983. If they want to make themselves useful in the fight to "protect lives", they should bloody well vote yes today or not vote at all. She believes the laws in her home country have fostered the oppression of women. The referendum result showed that many Irish voters agreed that women in those circumstances should be allowed a choice.

Abortion is accessible to most women in Ireland - if you have the money, if you have somebody to look after your kids, if your partner isn't abusive to the point where you don't have the ability to spend 24 hours away from him, if you have the requisite visa papers to leave and re-enter Ireland.

"It's legal in some states [in Australia] and at least de-stigmatised in others, so we do feel like we can talk about this issue without fear of judgement". "And this has all happened so quickly", says Lucie Heseltine, a 23-year-old legal researcher at a fintech firm in NY who is traveling home to south Dublin.

"Termination up to 12 weeks is proposed". This isn't the provision of healthcare.

"We will oppose that legislation", he said.

Musician Jim Corr has emerged as a vocal No voice in Ireland's upcoming referendum on legalising abortion. The latest poll, conducted for the Irish Times by Ipsos MRBI, found that 44 percent of voters want to repeal the Eighth Amendment, while 32 percent want to keep it.

How do laws in Australia compare?

In fact countries with liberal abortion laws usually have lower rates of abortion. Hard-fought though it was, there was a sense among many of its opponents that same-sex marriage was a foregone conclusion, and after the referendum passed, there was an outpouring of joy.

An opinion poll this week revealed that at 47 per cent, those supporting the legalisation of abortions for pregnant women up to 12 weeks only had a narrow lead.

Niall Carson- PA Images via Getty Images                   Candle and flowers are placed in front of a mural of Savita Halappanavar in Dublin
Niall Carson- PA Images via Getty Images Candle and flowers are placed in front of a mural of Savita Halappanavar in Dublin

Irish PM Leo Varadkar, who was encouraging voters to exercise their vote and to #repealthe8th for the betterment of the women in Ireland, said that the approval of abortion reform is a culmination of a quiet revolution in Ireland.

"She didn't get the medical treatment she needed because of the Eighth Amendment", Halappanavar's father told the Guardian this month.

The legalization of abortion in Republic of Ireland will facilitate formalization of Norrn Ireland sentenced to travel to abort, which may do so in near future by road.

Ultimately, there was no abortion.

The Government has already published draft legislation to be introduced if the amendment is repealed.

The US state of Iowa in early May signed into law a ban on abortions once a foetal heartbeat is detected, which occurs as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. The U.N. decision required Ireland, for the first time, to compensate a woman for the expenses and emotional distress tied to an abortion. For almost two months, between getting the diagnosis and her death, we got to see our daughter grow in weekly ultrasound scans, we got to hear her heartbeat, we got to see her move.

"Vote yes" group Together for Yes is the umbrella group campaigning to repeal the Eighth, and are enjoying youth and social media support. Donegal, in the northwest of the country, is the only county in Ireland where Tally men and women think the "no" vote might narrowly prevail. Many young, conservative women share pro-life views, including 21-year-old Dublin student Maria Maynes.

Opposing them was a vocal No camp, including the bishops, which insisted the life of the child is sacrosanct and interference in that right is immoral.

The choice to end this life is not a human right, no matter how we dress it up. "This change will apply to ads we determine to be coming from foreign entities which are attempting to influence the outcome of the vote on May 25", Facebook officials said in a statement.

This is what happens when you elevate the rights of an ideological symbol over that of a human being.

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