Brad Stevens Says He's Not the Coach of the Year


The honor went to Toronto's Dwane Casey, who was sacked Thursday after his team was swept in the East semifinals by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As for Stevens, his Celtics are one win away from meeting James and Cleveland in the Eastern Conference finals.

Though several of Stevens' former players, including Evan Turner and Isaiah Thomas, were outraged on Stevens' behalf, the coach himself was unsurprisingly short on outrage.

Boston's success is all the more impressive considering the Celtics have been beset by injuries through the season. "Those are the guys in the locker room you're spending all that time with". Those guys know how much I appreciate and like them, and enjoyed our times together.

And as far as the actual process?

"The way that thing works is you get one vote".

I certainly agree with Charles Barkley's comment on Inside the National Basketball Association program the other night after the Celtics won the semi-fijalssries4-1 over the 76ers, when he said for Stevens not to get a single vote from his fellow coaches meant that there were one of two reasons, one of which was JEALOUSY. The guy that should have won got it.

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Some posited that other coaches voted out of frustration for how the media has lavished praise on Stevens, which some find incongruous with the way the media has treated other coaches in the past.

"I think it's been a little overblown this year because of the names that's been out, obviously, with Kyrie and Gordon and the injuries with those two big guys", James said.

"It's so incredible to have an opportunity to be one of 30, and I think it's a lot more important to just focus on competing with your team rather than trying to compare yourself to others". You can not tell if the Celtics are up 20, down 20 or it is a one point game as Brad Stevens expression hardly ever changes as he watches the game with his arms folded.

General Manager of the Celtics Danny Ainge has to be given a great deal of the credit in believing in hiring Stevens with only his college coaching experience at Butler.

Still, it's surprising not a single peer chose Stevens.

"You're saying he didn't get a vote?" Do coaches resent the positive attention Stevens gets, despite his relative lack of tenure? He should have got a vote. "He would get a vote from me", Brown said.