Sweet street: Several tons of liquid chocolate spills all over h


Gallons of liquid chocolate were spilled across six lanes of traffic after the semi truck hauling it overturned on Wednesday morning. The tanker lay across the road, obstructing all four lanes of the highway connecting the city of Poznan to Warsaw.

Footage from the incident shows brown liquid spilled all over the road, blocking the way for drivers.

It caused a huge traffic jam and the clean-up was time consuming, the chocolate was reportedly more hard to remove than oil.

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Senior brigadier Bogdan Kowalski with the fire brigade of Slupca, a town in western Poland, said: 'The cooling chocolate is worse than snow'.

According to local reports, the driver was taken to a hospital with a broken arm. How do you clear 24 tonnes of chocolate from a road? Before the highway was closed, some vehicles drove through the mess, spreading the chocolate further down the motorway. She also said that the clean-up crew which was using hot water to melt and wash away the chocolate was in good spirits. "It will take a few hours or more".