Instagram Stories to Get Music Stickers Soon, APK Teardown Tips


This would tie in quite well with Facebook's recent push for enabling users of third-party services, such as Spotify, GoPro, and SoundCloud to share content from these apps to their Facebook and Instagram Stories. Additionally, the company is also testing a way to automatically detect a song you are listening to and display the artist and song title as just a visual label. There's also speculation that these stickers will allows users to search through a database of songs that can then be stuck to an Instagram Story in some way.

In the coming weeks, Instagram will also bring video chat to its platform and give friends a new way to spend time together - even when they aren't actually together.

In an APK teardown of the Instagram Android app, TechCrunch contributor Ishan Agarwal was able to find a code that suggests users will soon be able to add "music stickers" to their Instagram Stories. Now the only way to have music heard in your stories is to have it play in the background on your device while you are recording a story. Per the screenshot shared by TechCrunch, users will be able to choose from three differently categorised sections under the sticker. However, it looks like we'll have to wait and see how it turns out.

Instagram is said to be looking to jazz up Stories a bit more with music stickers. Which means it doesn't use audio recognition like Shazam, but it searches music based on your apps. Music Stickers can be filtered by "Genre", "Moods", and "Trending", so users will be able to find the ideal soundtrack for their Story. It isn't clear where the music will come from, but it's possible that it could be music stores on your phone.

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At the F8 2018, Facebook announced that Instagram will soon get a video calling feature.

I haven't spotted the new payments feature yet, but reports suggest that some users in the U.S. and the United Kingdom have started seeing it on the app. This feature is now limited to certain users.

The product is still in its early development stage and it remains unclear as to how the feature will integrate with the existing services Instagram provides.