Fan community makes playable Zelda in Breath of the Wild a reality


Of all the tasks on the Zelda Conversion Project spreadsheet though, this seems to be the least developed.

Publication site has posted up a piece that touches on Nintendo looking for a person to fill in a new level designer position to help with The Legend of Zelda series. Also, the candidate is required to have knowledge of Japanese, as well as of course a good degree of experience gained within the industry. Will create events/dungeons/fields/enemies from design to actual implementation. The GameCube game Four Swords Adventures took the top-down approach of the Four Swords Game Boy Advance game and made it work on the big screen, and both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask made the move to the 3DS with great success as well.

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With all of that said, what kind of new Zelda game would you like to see Nintendo release in the future?

Depending on abilities and aptitude the level designer on the Zelda series will be responsible for the following tasks. Even if the game is already under development, it could be years before we see gameplay and even longer for a release. The Zelda Conversion Project not only replaces Link's character model with Princess Zelda, but it also adds new dialogue, music, and gives Zelda several outfits to equip as well. A modder named Ainz explains that enhancing the mod "meant giving Zelda appropriate dialogue, changing music and other tweaks to improve the game".