Armenia revolutionary leader Pashinyan wins PM vote


Armenia's parliament has election opposition lawmaker Nikol Pashinian because the nation's new prime minister.

On Tuesday morning, ahead of the vote, thousands of Pashinyan supporters gathered in Yerevan's central Republic Square, sporting white t-shirts with their leader's portrait or dancing traditional Armenian dances and chanting "Nikol prime minister".

Lawmakers elected Pashinyan by a 59-42 vote after the leader of the ruling Republican Party, Vahram Baghdasarian, announced his party would give Pashinyan 11 votes - which helped put him over the top.

In the event of the parliament's rejection of the action plan, the elected PM resigns and new elections of PM take place.

Pashinyan set up the Civil Contract party, which entered parliament in 2017 as part of the opposition coalition. The prime minister is to receive all powers while President Armen Sargsyan who was elected by the parliament on March 2 is to perform representative functions. However, the HHK said it will not block the election and will support it.

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Pashinyan, who was one of the main supporters of Ter-Petrosian, became a target for political presecutions and was forced to spend nearly 1.5 years "underground".

Opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan, head of the Yelk (Exit) faction, was the sole candidate in the first round of elections on May 1. "Armenia will once and for all turn the page of political persecutions".

She said she hopes Pashinyan will "clean the system" and "protect the people's interests", adding: "There is no need to keep protesting; now we're just going to celebrate".

"We chose a new road in Armenia where the driver will be the people and not clans". "Many people will want to see a country that has carried out this revolution of love and solidarity", he said. He first ran for the parliament in 2007 as the top candidate of an opposition group that challenged then President Robert Kocharian. "And for me, my goal isn't to become prime minister".

Knowing very well the responsibility and difficulties of the prime minister's work, he advised citizens, journalists, social networks users and political forces, criticizing the prime minister, to do this meaningfully and without touching his family. As a result of the protests, 23 APR Sargsyan has resigned.