WhatsApp text can crash your entire smartphone


Moreover, there are many buggy messages that can easily crash WhatsApp messaging app on the Android.

The text messages sent to WhatsApp have hidden symbols between spaces. That causes the app and/or the phone to go down. The message that is being circulated widely on WhatsApp by its users reads, "If you touch the black point the your WhatsApp will hang".

So far, users have reported that the message bomb has been capable of shutting down both the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp, but only Android phones have fallen victim completely to the bug. The problem is not related to a WhatsApp bug but to the way Android handles the text. The message also consists of a black icon, clicking on which will freeze the app or make it unresponsive.

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Just a few days ago, a spam forwarded message was making the rounds and even though it actually has the "don't touch here" part of the message, even if you do not actually touch, it still caused WhatsApp to hang and/or crash. A screenshot of the prank posted by India Times suggests that the WhatsApp "black spot" message only affects Android users, but has yet to affect anyone using the messaging app on iOS devices. In the meantime, you should avoid tapping on suspicious messages from "friends" if you don't want your apps to crash. The message that is being forwarded contains some unknown special character that upon being tapped impedes the operations of WhatsApp. However, it is still recommended to not click on them. However, this becomes hard because when you don't want to click on the message notifications that have piled up and accidentally open the wrong chat.

So, we all know that there is back circle on Whatsapp that has been circulating in different WhatsApp group and personal messages and you must be wondering what is it. You will also have to copy the message from the Pastebin link and not through the thread itself.