Trump Urges West Virginians Not to Vote for Don Blankenship


To be sure, Don Blankenship is a racist slob (whose business decisions led to the deaths of 29 coal miners in 2010), but this sudden concern from Republicans, who have studiously ignored Donald Trump's racism, bigotry, moral and ethical lapses, along with his probably illegal actions, is beyond laughable. "Problem is, Don Blankenship, now running for Senate, can't win the General Election in your State ..." The president has felt burned by Republicans once he injected himself into other races simply to watch his preferred applicants autumn limited.

"Well, it surprised me", Blankenship told Fox News about the President's tweet. "I will not fail you if I get to D.C. ... and I can tell you, I am more capable of representing you than anyone you ever sent to the U.S. Senate". Trump endorsed Moore in that race. In another poll, it's Blankenship 28 percent, Morrisey 27 percent, Jenkins 14 percent.

"West Virginia voters should remember that my enemies are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and my opponents would not even be running as Republicans had I not resurrected the Republican Party in West Virginia", Blankenship added.

Manchin has been a top GOP target since at least November 2016, when Trump won the state with 68.7 percent of the vote. Moore's loss narrowed Republicans' Senate majority to 51-49.

President weighs in on GOP primary race to flip Senator Joe Manchin's seat; Peter Doocy reports from Charleston, West Virginia.

"Without an incumbent advantage in a year that seems to be favoring Democrats, that's a tough dynamic for Republicans", Askarinam said, "The question is whether Republicans believe that this district is still in the vein of Tiberi and Kasich".

The 70-year-old Manchin has also created his own reelection challenges in a state where he's now the only state-wide elected Democrat.

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Both O'Connell and Trippi said this primary split has been a detriment to Republican Senate elections and Democratic House elections, where far-left candidates have been widening the field.

"The establishment is misinforming him because they do not want me to be in the US Senate and promote the President's agenda", Blankenship said.

"West Virginians are not going to vote for candidates who have failed to address the drug epidemic, aligned themselves with abortionists, and have never created a job", he said. Morrisey was in third place with only 19 percent.

Blankenship has centered his candidacy around attacking fellow Republican Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, accusing him of undermining Trump.

Where to start! There was the time that Blankenship referred to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao's father as a "wealthy Chinaperson".

If voters in the Mountain State pick one of them, the Republican Party will breathe a huge sigh of relief; officials have been open about their desire to see Blankenship disappear from the scene.

"No more fumbles like Alabama", he also said in the tweet, while the outside group Mountain Families PAC continued to run a reported $1.3 million worth of TV ads against Blankenship.