Celebrating National Arbor Day


For 8-year-old Kira Ford, an Arbor Day celebration April 27 at Windsor Elementary School was about showing appreciation for trees that she views as cherished friends.

Collectively, they've raised $700,000 for tree planting and have planted 5,200 trees and given away 13,000 seedlings.

Celebrating Arbor Day and Arbor Week is easy.

Whether you live in the city, the suburbs or the country, there are nearly certainly trees in your area. "That way they take ownership of the project, and that's a good thing". It has red flowers in dense clusters in late March or early April before its leaves appear, red fruit, reddish stems and twigs, red buds and, in the late fall, orange-red foliage color. Experts will discuss the proper care of trees.

Altamont Tree Board members include Anthony Arend, Terry Woodward, Jerry Hoffmeister, Lynn Kull and City Clerk Sarah Stephen. Hint: Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world, often reaching as high as 300 feet.

In addition, studies have shown that trees in communities lower stress, lead people to stay outside longer and extend the stay of people traveling through the area.

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"As educators, we love to have measuring sticks and benchmarks for kids and to have a true physical one that kids will be able to associate their educational adventure or growth with will be great for them", Crawfordsville Community School Corp. assistant superintendent Dr. Rex Ryker said after the students put down their shovels. For each new policyholder enrollment in electronic billing, PHLY will plant fifteen (15) trees on behalf of the customer.

Park Elementary 3rd graders joined the City of Casper and Keep Casper Beautiful for Thursday's Arbor Day celebration. "You'll never know until you try". You can also make bark rubbings, smell the tree's flowers and gather its seeds. Two years ago, the tree was cut down and was donated to become the State Capitol Christmas Tree.

Tree coverage varies by neighborhood. It could be a place that is littered with trash or lacks other vegetation.

Shade tree commission member Scott Molnar said he enjoyed how enthusiastic the students were about planting the trees. But more than that, Lomax and his daughter Sofia, see the annual giveaway as a way to encourage young people and their parents to get involved with the environment. Otherwise, how could they skitter up and down them at the speeds they do?

Even so, the investment would more than pay for itself in six years by producing $44 million in benefits every year, Albro said.