Apple to launch a standalone AR & VR headset with 8K displays, report


We are expecting a roll-out of WiGig-based accessories this year to enable wireless high-fidelity VR systems, but the report suggests a second generation of this kind of technology might be more in line with Apple's timing.

At the iPhone X launch event a year ago, it seemed as if Apple was bragging the phone's augmented reality (AR) features, especially its animated emoji's called Animoji, and not to forget, the AR capabilities in gaming. The report additionally gives particular subtle elements for the undertaking inside alluded to as T288. For reference, the HTC Vive Pro VR headset features a 1400 x 1600 resolution per display and the Galaxy S9 boasts a 1440 x 2960.

According to an inside source, Apple is working on a headset that combines virtual reality and augmented reality but does not require to be connected with a computer or smartphone, CNET reported. Project T288 looks to create what may be the ultimate VR/AR headset, then release it to the public in 2020. Apple's CEO Tim Cook has praised AR technology a lot in the past and has dropped hints as to what this technology means for the iPhone. According to reports, Apple plans for an 8K display for each eye. Sources claim that the new VR Headset will be launching in the year 2020. Nonetheless, the focus on a technology that can change how we interact with things in the future allows Apple to think beyond the iPhones which are the main money spinners for the brand.

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Apple's new VR and AR Headset would operate without the wires. It would connect wirelessly to a chunk of hardware like a small tower, which would contain powerful processors to power the experience. The headset will also come equipped with several fitted cameras that will actively monitor the surroundings.

Virtual reality isn't a natural fit for mobile the way that augmented reality is. The box would be powered by a custom Apple chipset and would act as the brain for the AR/VR headset, the report said.