YouTube Kids adds new controls for parents


It was once updated with Chromecast support and custom passcode, better parental controls, YouTube Red integration, more original content for the family audience, kids profiles, and a new algorithm. That control extends to the search-off feature where parents can opt to exclude recommendations that haven't been vetted by the YouTube Kids team.

That's right. A mom or dad will be able to sit down and single out as watchable the specific videos their kids can view.

YouTube Kids is Google's kid friendly version of YouTube.

YouTube Kids has struggled with disturbing videos, like beloved Disney characters in violent or sexual situations, sneaking past its automated filters. But the practice of addressing problem videos after children have already been exposed to them has bothered child advocates who want the more controlled option to be the default.

When a video for children is uploaded to the main YouTube platform, it is not automatically added to the YouTube Kids library.

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Google is also creating collections of videos and channels from trusted channels such as Sesame Workshop and the YouTube Kids team, so that parents can select only the collections or topics they would like their children to have access to.

Once the new setting is turned on, users can pick collections from trusted creators such as PBS and Kidz Bop, or themed collections curated by YouTube Kids itself. Of those 8 million videos deleted, 6.7 million were flagged by an algorithm and rest was picked by Youtube employees that they thought were not up to the community guidelines of the Youtube. It may be labourious, but with this new feature you'll be able to lock down what the kids are watching to only what you have pre-approved. "And, as always, we encourage parents to block and flag videos for review that they don't think should be in the YouTube Kids app". The video giant says that it will add more partners over time. "Throughout this year, we'll roll out a more robust suite of tools for parents to customize the YouTube Kids experience".

YouTube is quick to point out that parents who are happy with how the YouTube Kids app works now will still have the ability to open up a wider selection of video content.

This does not change the existing structure of the app if parents prefer that.