Amritsar-Delhi Air India hits severe turbulence mid-air; three passenger injured


Dramatic footage contained in the aircraft exhibits an air hostess trying to fix the broken window panel in entrance of scared passengers. "Passengers were naturally terrified", Times of India quoted sources.

Passengers aboard an Air India flight have been left traumatised after "a freak level" of turbulence left three passengers injured and caused a seat window to from its frame.

The incident occurred just one day after a woman was killed when she was partially sucked out of a broken plane window after the engine blew out. In the video, a woman wearing what appears to be an Air India flight attendant uniform presses the inside window panel back into place, as an onlooking passenger appears visibly upset.

The duration of Amristar-Delhi flight is about 35 minutes and on April 19, the AI 462 flight was full with over 240 passengers, another official said.

The cause of the turbulence on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is being investigated and the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board has been informed. As per reports by TI, a senior Air India said that the airline and the DGCA have started probing the incident.

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The Air India aircraft was rocked by turbulence shortly after take-off because the aircraft reached 15,000ft after which lasted almost half of its journey.

It lasted nearly half of the 30-minute journey with the strongest tremors lasting 10-12 minutes, according to officials.

An official gave the following statement:"Our emergency response and angels took care of the three injured passengers who were taken to a hospital on landing in Delhi". The outside window did not break and there was no de-pressursation.

Adding to the fear, a couple of oxygen masks had also deployed and the overhead panel cover of seat 12-U got cracks.

The turbulence on the Air India flight has drawn parallels to an incident during a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight in October 2014. The passenger whose head hit the overhead panel got stitches.