Sean Hannity built real estate empire with HUD aid while championing HUD


Spokespeople for HUD and Fox News declined to comment to the Guardian.

Hannity failed to disclose his relationship with Cohen, despite using his show to promote the president and defend Cohen multiple times.

Hannity, 56, acquired property with taxpayer support, a fact he did not reveal when praising Ben Carson, the HHU secretary, on his television show previous year. Republicans push Trump to rescind Gateway funds Facebook investigated over alleged housing discrimination MORE's department recently increased Hannity's original $17.9 million mortgage for purchases in Georgia by an additional $5 million, records obtained by the Guardian show.

Hannity also reportedly purchased discounted properties that had been involved in bank foreclosures, which on television and Twitter he blamed former President Barack Obama's policies for making increasingly common.

Speaking with CNN host Brian Stelter, Michael Avenatti said of President Donald Trump's personal attorney, "I think that Sean Hannity has described the relationship as one centering on real estate that he paid Michael Cohen $10".

Sean Hannity's net worth includes almost $100 million worth of real estate that he helped buy, sell, or manage with the help of Trump attorney Micheal Cohen, whose office was recently raided by the FBI, The Guardian is reporting. "I can say that every rigorous process and strict standard of improvement requirements were followed; all were met, fulfilled and inspected", he said in the statement.

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The shell companies used to buy the properties are limited liability companies (LLCs).

"I doubt you would find it very surprising that most people prefer to keep their legal and personal financial issues private", Reeve told the newspaper.

Some of the 870 properties Hannity owns, via shell companies, were acquired in 2013, after a minor foreclosure crisis forced families from their homes. "Mr Hannity is no different".

Properties are located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Vermont, the Guardian reported.

Hannity was widely criticized for not disclosing the relationship with Cohen on his program, where he blasted the investigation.

He insisted that Cohen only briefly consulted on real estate matters.