'Smallville' actress arrested in connection with alleged sex cult


She was scheduled to appear in court later Friday.

U.S. actress Allison Mack has been arrested on charges that she recruited women into a secret society led by self-help guru Keith Raniere in which they were forced to have sex with him and branded with his initials.

Mack, who could face a minimum of 15 years and up to life in prison, is set to be arraigned on Friday. "I'm told that a lot of people were counting on Keith's arrest as a way to get Allison out", the insider tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. This follows the arrest of NXIVM founder Keith Raniere in Mexico last month.

According to the publication, the group was marketed as a "self-help group", with Raniere allegedly blackmailing women into becoming sex slaves. Mostly she nodded "yes" to questions asked her by Judge Pollak, but, twice judge Pollak instructed Mack to answer verbally, and she said "yes" so quietly it was nearly inaudible to spectators in the courtroom.

The cofounder of the company and god that is alleged NXIVM, Raniere, stands branding his descent in their own skin and accused of retaining women. Raniere was arrested on March 25 at a villa near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy.

Prosecutors said she required women she recruited to engage in sexual activity with Raniere, who paid Mack in return.

The Guardian states she is said to have acted as a key recruiter for the group - alongside the "leader", Keith Raniere.

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She allegedly lured women into the secret society within Nxivm known as "The Vow" by claiming it was a "women's mentorship group" then cajoling them into providing "collateral" like embarrassing photos and statements, federal prosecutors allege.

Smallville alum Allison Mack has been arrested for her alleged involvement in a sex-trafficking case, according to the Associated Press.

"Former NXIVM publicist Frank Parlato told Inside Edition that Mack is "completely enamored with Raniere and completely under his thrall". Mack's Smallville co-star, Kristin Kreuk, was a member of Nxivm for several years but denies involvement with any sex trafficking or even knowledge of DOS. Mexican authorities took him into custody and delivered him to Texas; he's now in federal custody in Brooklyn.

Prosecutors allege that Nxium has the features of a pyramid scheme, in which members pays "thousands of dollars" for courses to rise within its ranks.

During most of the proceeding, Mack held her hands clasped behind her back.

"The allegations contained in the indictment are only that, allegations", Sean Buckley, a lawyer for Mack', said at Friday's hearing.