President Trump holds joint news conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe


Mr Trump said the U.S. remained opposed to rejoining the Trans Pacific Partnership unless Japan and other parties to the trade pact offered "a deal that I can't refuse". "But we want to approach the discussions from the point of view that the TPP is best for both of the countries". Most other key USA allies - among them Australia, Canada, the European Union and Mexico - have already been granted exemptions to Trump's protectionist measures. But Abe's arrival was swiftly overshadowed by news that Trump had sent Central Intelligence Agency director Mike Pompeo to Pyongyang for talks with Kim Jong Un in preparation for a summit, a reminder of fears in Tokyo that Japan could be left out of talks key to its own national security.

"Based on that position we shall be dealing with the talks", Abe said.

Abe said at the press conference: "We agreed to start consultations for free, fair and reciprocal trade deals".

Abe on Tuesday praised Trump for his courage in agreeing to meet with Kim and suggested he and Trump had already come to terms on several issues.

Trump said it was clear from their talks that the abductee issue is "one of the truly most important things on Shinzo's mind".

But on trade-an issue Trump has used to reward the U.S.'s closest allies-their differences appeared more entrenched than ever.

President Trump said at the joint news conference that if he did not think the meeting would be successful he would not go, and if the meeting went ahead but was not productive, he would walk out.

US President Donald Trump said he would work to help Tokyo bring home from North Korea Japanese citizens who were abducted in the 1970s and 1980s to help Pyongyang train its spies. Five have been returned to Japan.

Abe underscores TPP as he and Trump remain at loggerheads over trade issues
Trump, Abe agree to more trade talks but fail to reach tariff exemption

"While Japan and South Korea would like us to go back into TPP, I don't like the deal for the United States", Trump tweeted Tuesday, following a dinner with Abe and their respective wives at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort.

It is not the first time the leaders have enjoyed eating burgers together; pictures taken during Trump's visit to Japan last fall showing Abe and Trump chowing down what is widely reported to be one of the president's favorite foods.

The U.S. itself is pushing for the release of three Americans.

The secret trip took place after Mr Pompeo was nominated by President Trump to replace Rex Tillerson as secretary of state.

Trump said the invitation to his private club was a sign of how much he liked Abe.

The Trump-Abe summit has played out amid growing tensions between the two countries over North Korea and trade.

"There's a bright path available to North Korea when it achieves denuclearization in a complete and verifiable and irreversible way". "'Maximum pressure' should be maintained and actual implementation of concrete actions toward denuclearization will be demanded".

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