Sean Hannity needs a class in journalistic ethics


"Michael never represented me in any matter", Hannity said. Hannity also tempered his earlier, distancing words, tweeting now that he assumed his Cohen conversations were "confidential". I did have occasional brief conversations with Michael Cohen-he's a great attorney-about legal questions I had, or I was looking for input or perspective.

Hannity had also claimed he "may have" paid Cohen $10 to get that privilege, a strategy that is often used as a plot device on shows such as "Breaking Bad". Hannity appeared to be kind of trying to set himself apart from the sort of work that Cohen did on behalf of Trump and Broidy.

"I don't think they'll do it, but I think they should fire him", Freedman said.

In a letter to the court Monday morning, Cohen's lawyers said his third recent client, besides Trump and Broidy, wished to remain anonymous. Those men are involved in cases in which Cohen allegedly arranged payments to women to keep them quiet about alleged sexual encounters.

Now, Hannity said he spoke to Cohen - the issues that he spoke to Cohen about never involved a third party, tweeted later that it was nearly exclusively about real estate.

One important lesson learned from the proceeding: the names of an attorney's clients are not protected by the attorney-client privilege.

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There are exceptions and limitations to the protective shield of the privilege, such as in situations where the lawyer and the client partner up to commit a crime (the "crime-fraud exception"), or if either the lawyer or the client knowingly discloses the otherwise protected confidences. It just finished. The judge is weighing exactly how she still wants to deal with this question of evidence.

Well, this isn't a court of law - it's public fact, or opinion, depending on who you're asking - and, besides, why would the experienced attorney hired by Michael Cohen shared in a court of law.

LUCAS: He's not charged with anything at this point. Presumably that job would fall to U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood, the designated authority presiding over the criminal investigation into Cohen. It's a grand jury investigation. They've had those for a while. It's still ongoing. There hasn't been any sort of indictment that specifies what crimes these could be.

After a long hearing on Monday, Wood said she had concluded the hearing without deciding whether to appoint the "special master" sought by Cohen or to permit the Justice Department's "filter team" to continue its work.

SHAPIRO: Lots more to come from NPR's Ryan Lucas.