95% of world's population breathing unhealthy air, says new report


They found that air pollution contributed to 6.1 million premature deaths worldwide, usually in the form of strokes, heart attacks, lung cancer, and chronic lung disease.

Adding to the unsettling statistic, researchers found that more than 7.7 million people lived in 10 counties with unhealthful levels of all ozone and particle pollution, with Los Angeles remaining the city with the worst ozone pollution, as it has for the almost 19 years that the report has been released.

Los Angeles, the state's most populous metropolitan area, led the nation for ozone pollution, faring worse than it did in last year's report.

The number of people exposed to unhealthy levels of air pollution increased to more than 133.9 million people during the period covered by the 2017 report (2013-2015).

However, the report also said that levels of "dirty" air pollution are decreasing in the United States, as tailpipes and smokestacks produce cleaner exhaust. Ozone is a corrosive pollutant that can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath and worsen asthma symptoms.

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The report included those exposed to burning solid fuels in their homes, such as for cooking or heating, resulting in indoor air pollution. The report states that China's PM2.5 pollution levels have started stabilising and people's exposure to particulate pollution has also started declining but it's on a steep rise in India.

The "F" grade was awarded by the lung association in it annual State of the Air Report, which assesses air quality throughout NY and elsewhere in the nation.

"New York and CT both filed comments with the EPA asking them to take action against a power plant in Pennsylvania, whose air pollution in the ozone is traveling and settling over our region", said Seilback. "Congress and the EPA are tasked with protecting Americans-including protecting the right to breathe air that doesn't make people sick or die prematurely".

So what is particle pollution? Standards from the Bureau of Land Management, which would reduce methane and other smog-forming emissions from oil and gas facilities on public lands, are in the process of being weakened, and efforts to reduce smog-forming pollution at the state level are uncertain.

Fine particle pollution includes tiny bits of dust released by coal-fired power plants, diesel-burning vehicles, wildfires and wood-burning stoves. Air pollution is the number four killer among all global health risks, coming right after high blood pressure, diet and smoking. The Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson metro ranked 32nd for most polluted city for short-term particle days. As the blazes raged, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District reported conditions comparable to Beijing, China and called it the worst air ever recorded in some parts of the Bay Area.