School district, union agreement could be last stop for bus driver


The Millcreek School District conducted a training day, during which it equipped 500 school teachers with baseball bats and guided the faculty on how to respond to a school shooting.

The bats will be locked up in each classroom, the Erie News Now report said.

As for the bats, they cost the district $3 each. "But, it is an option and something we want people to be aware of".

The district is also planning to increase school safety by adding concrete barriers around high school walkways.

Many US schools have looked into ways of increasing safety in the wake of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting in February, but Pennsylvania school districts have been particularly innovative.

A Rome school district bus driver has been reprimanded for the district's concerns about her driving, and has a last chance to continue employment by not engaging in further misconduct, according to a discipline agreement.

The decision to arm teachers with baseball bats comes just weeks after another Pennsylvania school district armed classrooms with buckets of rocks.

An online question submitted through the district's NPTV channel asked how the district helps students who are in distress before they become serious, and Rufo said staff are trained to build an individual, personal connection with each student.

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Superintendent William Hall, of the Millcreek School District, in Erie, admits some parents have had negative reactions to the idea - it struck at least one as a "joke" - but to him, "it's more about the educational piece and that awareness - teaching our kids to be better prepared for these situations".

Hall noted that the district's revised response plan emphasizes there are options during such attacks that aren't "just hiding and waiting".

"While that bad possibility has to be considered, it's important to point out that, as the ones responsible for planning for school safety, we must consider all types of hazards", Doerr said.

"Whatever the teachers need to do to protect themselves and the students in the classroom, I'm behind it 100 percent", Munson said.

"We knew something would change and we were prepared to change", he said.

But still, he told the Times, "I think a bat could disarm a pistol with a nice swing".

"They've given corporations and businesses incentives to be here and nothing has really trickled down to us", said Cyndi Ralston, a Haskell teacher who filed to run as a Democrat in House District 12.

Baseball equipment including baseballs, mitt, bat and helmet.