Trump would regret abandoning nuclear deal, warns Iran


The Iranian Regime is threatening to restart its illicit nuclear programme within days as United States and European leaders rush to fix flaws in the controversial 2015 Iranian nuclear deal ahead of Donald Trump's May deadline, when he has threatened to pull out of the deal altogether.

He added that the "foundations" of the deal "have been so strong that during these 15 months of pressure.the structure has remained solid".

The rial stood at around 40,000 to the dollar in October, when Trump said he would no longer certify Iran's compliance with the nuclear deal, and has been falling steadily since.

"Our response would be stronger - and swifter - than anything they can imagine", the Iranian president said in comments broadcast live on state television.

He was speaking as Iran marked National Nuclear Technology Day and unveiled what it said were its latest nuclear achievements including centrifuges for the oil industry. United States sanctions will resume unless Trump issues new "waivers" to suspend them on May 12.

Iran has warned that it would ramp up its nuclear program if the JCPOA collapses, to achieve a more advanced level than before the deal.

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The agreement allowed Iran to pursue a nuclear energy program - for strictly civilian use - in return for the lifting of longstanding western sanctions.

Mr Rouhani said the country's military and diplomatic powers were not aimed at intimidating its neighbours - an apparent riposte to claims by Saudi Arabia that it is seeking to dominate the Middle East.

Under the 2015 agreement, Iran promised to scale back its nuclear enrichment and give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Iran insists its efforts have been for research and technology, and that its missiles are purely defensive.

"We will produce any weapons necessary to defend our country in such a volatile region".

"Even if one day (the US) can harm the JCPOA, we will be the victor in the public opinion of the world as the nation that stuck by its commitments", Mr Rouhani said.