Fortnite vending machine location guide


Each vending machine will be found in various locations around the map.

If you're looking for the Fortnite Vending Machine Locations then we've found quite a few. Their explained very well in this vending machine video below. Chalk it up to luck though, hunting down vending machines is a risky tactic as other players will be drawn to them as well. That means that as long as you haven't fired your weapon recently, aren't moving, and have the enemy solidly in your target reticule, you'll hit them without fail. However, with 100 players populating a round, there's a high chance of encountering hostiles near to the machines.

The weapons won't be free, however; depending on what you get, you'll have to pay in materials.

There are five different vending machine types. Each machine has three different deals to offer, with the items and their rarity chosen at random. "There is no purchase limit to the items available".

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Considering the frantic and sometimes fast-moving games of Battle Royale, finding a vending machine can be a pain. I wouldn't call it "meta-changing", but it's certainly nice to have another use for all of those excess materials, which often end up getting wasted.

Items found in an Uncommon (green) version will cost 200 materials. Here's what you'll need to do to actually find these hidden gnome locations.

Patches will be pushed out every two weeks - or fortnitely, if you will - and the weekly content updates will happen automatically, without the need to install another update. They'll also operate on a timer cycle, so you'll have to time going to the machine properly...or just whack it with a pickaxe to speed the timer up.