Apple is experimenting with touchless gestures and curved screen iPhones


FUTURE iPhones will reportedly have touchless controls and curved screens as Apple looks for more unique ways to make its handsets stand out from the crowd.

Bloomberg reported that Apple is still figuring out how iPhone users can control some tasks by moving a finger near the screen. With last year's iPhone X, they showed how a fullscreen display is done in style along with a modern biometric verification system. The curved display is said to "curve inwards gradually from top to bottom".

The innovative tech is thought to be advanced enough to sense your finger's proximity to the iPhone screen. According to Bloomberg, the new features are touchless gesture controls and curved displays. This technology isn't exactly new as Sony and Nokia have implemented it in the past as a glove input option on their phones. Also in the works alongside the new displays, is a new gesture control feature.

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Apple unveiled the new iPad at an event in Chicago touting its commitment to education. And now, it seems that Apple has taken two uncooked features from Samsung's catalogue and aimed to present it in a presentable way.

Technology changes faster than most of us can keep up. Both these features are said to be in early test and development stages and it may as well be the case that Apple may decide to put this on a halt. While Samsung displays on flagship Galaxy smartphones curve horizontally, a curve from top to bottom could help Apple differentiate itself from the competition. Bloomberg noted that a curved iPhone won't release for another two or three years. So, we can say that we cannot see this technology in near future. Samsung plans to launch its Wall MicroLED TV this coming August, and LG Display is also expected to unveil a large-screen microLED TV latr this year.