States, cities join NY to sue over census citizenship question


Seattle and Washington state are among six cities and 17 states suing to block President Donald Trump's administration from demanding citizenship information in the 2020 us census.

Stein said asking such a question would diminish Census turnout in states with large immigrant populations, like North Carolina.

Swanson also said the census results are used to apportion congressional seats, to establish state legislative districts and to distribute to states an estimated $700 billion per year in federal dollars. The lawsuit claims that the question is unconstitutional because it will "fatally undermine the accuracy of the population count and cause tremendous harm to the Plaintiffs and their residents".

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee and the Government Reform Committee want President Donald Trump's administration officials to provide a reason for placing a question about citizenship on the 2020 census, The Hill reported. "Census Bureau directors appointed by presidents of both political parties have not included a question about citizenship since 1950 - almost seven decades ago - out of concern that it would result in an inaccurate count". "All people residing in Pennsylvania, including students, those with work visas, and people with green cards, must be included in our population count in order to ensure Pennsylvania gets our fair share of federal resources".

Even a 1 percent undercount in the 2010 census would have resulted in a $23 million loss in federal funds, according to Rosenblum's office.

"With immigrant communities already living in fear, demanding citizenship status would drive them into the shadows", he added, "leading to a major undercount that threatens billions in federal funding for NY and our fair representation in Congress and the Electoral College".

"The Department of Commerce is not able to determine definitively how inclusion of a citizenship question on the decennial census will impact responsiveness", Ross wrote in a memo on the decision.

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There are many reasons for the U.S. Census every ten years.

"Jeff Sessions has not brought one case under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act since he's been attorney general", Schneiderman said.

Jones said it's hard to game out all the implications of including a citizenship question.

The Trump administration absolutely can not be allowed to contradict the standards set up by the U.S. Constitution, nor the rules that have been applied in Censuses for the better part of the last 70 years.

The cities are: Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Providence, Seattle, and San Francisco, plus the bipartisan United States Conference of Mayors.

As a political sociologist interested in demography, I welcome the addition of the citizenship question because it will allow us to accurately gauge the number of residents here illegally as well as citizens - data points that have been unavailable for over half a century.

All 36 of Oregon's counties are participating in the address validation process, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, as are over 200 OR cities.