Leighton Hospital struggles to close gender pay gap, say trust bosses


All companies in the United Kingdom which employ 250 or more people are required by law to publish and report specific figures about the gender pay gap at their organisations.

The pay disparity between women and men is often framed as a difference in experience.

Companies who do not provide their figures could face legal action including court orders and fines.

All UK companies with 250 or more employees are required to file their data by midnight tonight, with more than 9,100 having now submitted data up to date as of 5 April a year ago.

"Firms have had plenty of warning and have no excuse for failing to submit their gender pay gap data accurately and on time".

"Our current gender pay gap numbers make starkly clear the need for us to accelerate the pace of change within our company".

The government has told all firms with more than 250 employees to publish by Wednesday the difference in median hourly wages earned by men and women.

"We will get disparity between female and male workers because we have predominantly female nurses and predominantly male consultants", Mrs Bullock said.

Millennials are also much more likely to switch providers based on a company having a large gender pay gap.

Media and tech company Oath UK, the owner of HuffPost UK, has revealed it has a median gender pay gap of 23.29%.

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"But for all the welcome progress in the decades since, major injustices still hold too many women back".

Gender pay gaps have little to do with unequal pay, but quite a lot to do with unequal representation.

By selecting a sample of teenagers, the author hoped to sample the pay gap at the least affected point possible. It has forced many employers to do the maths they had not hitherto done.

In its gender pay gap report, parent company Consort Medical said it would continue to focus on ensuring there were equal opportunities for women with "no glass ceiling".

Women are paid less than men on average by an overwhelming majority of companies, across all industries, in both private companies and public organizations.

Smaller pay gaps in East Anglia have proved not to be sector-specific.

And 6,493 companies pay men more than women, in comparison to 1,213 that pay women more than men. Executive ranks are also dominated by men. The next step is to look into the root causes of any pay gap and develop an action plan to address it. The median gap compares the pay of individual male and female employees at the middle of the scales, which helps exclude outliers who are very highly paid.

The charity also claims that this exercise has the potential to be a game changer in prompting people to talk about pay and find out what their colleagues earn -and it is calling on women everywhere today to do just that.

It said it aimed to recruit an increasing number of women in graduate and experienced roles.