Ghost Recon Wildlands Year Two Road Map Revealed


Part of this comes in the form of addressing fan-requested additions.

Finally, for PvE a free themed mission and special challenge is set to arrive with its own exclusive rewards.

With more than 10 million players worldwide, the Ghost Recon Wildlands development team is committed to supporting the game, offering new free content and continued improvements of the core experience. We've seen Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor and The Division all continue to receive updates after release and now, Ghost Recon Wildlands will be added to the list, with the game set to receive a second year of updates.

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It will also include a new PvP game mode called Sabotage, with five maps exclusive to it, the first of six new PvP classes, and new perks and weapons. You will be able to purchase a Year 2 pass for $29.99, and if you're willing to cough up that price you'll gain seven-days of early access to the new Ghost War classes as well as a customization pack, four Special Ops crates, and four Ghost War crates. In the meantime, check out the Ghost Recon Wildlands Year 2 trailer below. There will be new missions, new items, rewards, and tons more to keep gameplay fresh and Ubisoft couldn't wait to share all of the details in the video above.

First up during Year 2 is Special Operations 1, which launches for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on April 10.

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