Apple is working on new touchless controls for its displays


The second experimental feature in Bloomberg's report relates to Apple designing iPhones with a display that curves inwards in the middle.

The company's logo is seen outside Austria's first Apple store, which opens on February 24, during a media preview in Vienna, Austria, February 22, 2018.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment. To stay ahead, Apple needs compelling new features and designs.

There is no confirmation from Apple regarding the anticipated refresh of the iPad Pro model in 2018, moreso the expected new features following the hardware update. The iPhone X's OLED screen curves slightly at the bottom, but the shape is mostly invisible to the human eye. That's different than the latest Samsung smartphone screens, which curve down at the edges.

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And finally, Apple's exploring a technology that's similar to Samsung's Air Gestures, which lets users do things like flip through web pages by waving their hand.

For the forthcoming iPhone generation, Apple is reportedly releasing three sizes, with the largest to top the iPhone 8 Plus' 5.5-inch screen, with about a 6.5-inch screen. Google has its own take on the tech, secretly experimenting with it within an initiative called Project Soli.

Gesture control may end up being akin to 3D Touch, Apple's way of using a display's pressure sensitivity to allow users to retrieve information and complete tasks on its devices. But one of the sources who spoke with Bloomberg said that Apple's implementation will rely on technology built directly into the screen, rather than a motion sensor in the bezel as Air Gestures does.

To access adequate OLED supplies for these new devices, Apple is expanding its sourcing from Samsung to also include LG Display, the people said.